Supporting growth of a Salesforce Implementation Specialist

Supporting an implementation specialist make 6 hires throughout Europe.

This case study details the support of a specialist Salesforce Consulting Partner with over 350 employees, and how we have supported them with 6 key hires in 7 months.

They were hunting for a Recruitment Partner to help them find niche Salesforce skill sets throughout Europe. The reason they were hunting for these specific skill sets was to enable the development of their business and the creation of additional practices in new regions.

They had been searching for these skill sets for more than 3 months before having a conversation with Focus on Salesforce.

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The Client were searching for a variety of different skill sets, from Business Analysts through to Salesforce Solution Architects.

These skills were difficult to find, evidenced by the limited success they had without our support. They already had a few candidates in the process, however the quality of candidate was not what they had hoped for when they began the search initially.

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Focus on Salesforce took time to understand the business and their objectives. This wasn’t a case of just understanding who they needed and where they are based.
The recruitment team went further. Understanding what this meant to the wider business, including the company culture team, and how the delays impact the growth of the business? How will it have a knock-on effect for projects and customers on a global scale?

After taking a FULLY detailed brief outlining exactly what, where, when and why these specific skill sets were required, the team got to work.
We quickly outlined some key candidates that could fill the requirements by shortlisting available candidates, as well as those already at competitor organisations.
Once the talent had been mapped out, Focus on Salesforce ensured there was a full understanding of what could be achieved and what the business would need to do to attract the candidates on their wish list within their proposed time line.

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Over a period of 6 months, the client had taken on 6 new hires, and at the time of writing, 3 more in the pipeline. These hires were critical to the business growth and being able to capitalise on a period of positive growth throughout Europe. These new hires were responsible for opening up new locations and enabling the business to increase its market share and presence in the market.

The roles recruited for were a mixture of remote roles with an element of on-site working in regions including the Nordics and EMEA.
We can honestly say we have had a monumental impact on the growth of their business, and have seen at least 2 new practices open up, increasing their bandwidth for new projects dramatically.

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