About Focus on Salesforce

We’re the go-to recruitment consultancy for all things related to the Salesforce platform. We’re dedicated to finding the right talent to grow your cloud capabilities, no matter where in the world you are.

How we help you

Whether you need to expand your existing Salesforce team or you’re on the market for a cloud-based system, we’re here to give you the best solution for your goals.

Putting together the optimal Salesforce team is tricky. Skilled talent is scarce, and due to the nature of the platform, the risk for unforeseen circumstances is ever-present. Without the proper infrastructure in place, any minor hiccup could cost you thousands in wasted time.

However, the talent pool is growing. We’ve spent over 8 years developing our network of Salesforce professionals and understanding the journey they take. It’s how we’ve achieved a 3:1 CV to hire ratio.

We understand their biggest problems and how to solve them. So while changing or building your cloud system isn’t easy, we’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

We pride ourselves on our ability to recruit for each facet of the Salesforce platform. We use our rich network and expertise to build you the team you need to carry out vital projects.

We are obsessed with evolving and servicing the Salesforce market differently. Our passion for people and desire to be the best in the space is a methodology we live by.

So, whether you’re a candidate or a client, you can trust that we will prioritize you and your needs to give you the best possible outcome.

Where we recruit

Core values


We live by a 24/7 methodology, which means we’re constantly looking for better solutions, always offering a higher standard and forever pushing ourselves to be better. We’re switched on 24 hours, 7 days a week.


It’s not just a word but a way of being. We always act ethically and truthfully. We’re open and transparent. We maintain the highest code of conduct and we try to always do the right thing for our clients.


Our dedication to developing our own understanding of the market, our clients, our candidates and each other. This knowledge is what separates us from the rest and ensures we know what solution you require.


It doesn’t matter what the task is or how challenging the issue, we always find a solution. In fact, we’re incredibly proud of our ability to get the job done where no one else can.


We’re more human than business jargon and big words. We treat everyone equally and always think about the stories and people behind the challenges.

Our History


Lloyd Gordon Creates Focus ERP


Our first HQ in Gatwick is opened


Focus ERP Rebrands as Focus Cloud and specialises on the Workday ecosystem


Our first London base opens up in Liverpool Street


Headcount grows to 30+

Mar 2020

The groups expands and opens Focus on SAP

Aug 2020

The groups welcomes its third brand and opens Focus on Salesforce

Nov 2020

Focus on ServiceNow becomes the fourth brand in the group

Jan 2021

The Focus Cloud group welcomes Focus on LifeScience to the family

Jan 2022

Focus on Security launches as a new brand in the Focus Cloud Group

May 2022

Further growth in headcount results in the London office moving to a larger space in Dawson House

Aug 2022

The Focus Cloud Group acquires Cognitive Group, adding Microsoft recruitment services to our remit

Sep 2022

HQ moves to a larger office in Brighton to support growth

Nov 2022

Focus Cloud becomes Focus on WD, to further support the Workday market